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Beauty begins from within

Advanced clinical skin care in a private

boutique setting

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Lin Tomasulo, LME, CHHP

A life long skin enthusiast, Lin has dedicated over 30 years to the art of skin perfection.   Serving as a Medical Aesthetician as well as a Cosmetic Consultant for highly respected plastic surgeons, Lin is known throughout as a trusted skin care authority. 

She has had the gratifying opportunity to guide her clients through their own unique journey of enhancing their appearance and bringing out the best in their skin.  She is also a graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and believes your skin health is easily influenced by what you eat.  Beautiful skin begins from within. 

Her passion is connecting with clients and educating them about the care and maintenance of their skin.  There is no "one size fits all" approach to skin care which is why every treatment is customized to your individual needs. Her years of hands on experience has led her to formulate her own clinical skin care line which is why your skin will get exactly what it needs. 

Lin, the founder of Intrinsic Skin, enjoys helping her clients realize their true beauty begins from within.





Lin did not disappoint me.  After three months, my skin remarkedly improved.  Today, I continue with a regime that is affordable, time efficient and effective.  I can look in the mirror, glasses on, and actually like what I see.  I never thought my skin could be retexturized and become so smooth and glowy again.  Even in my youth, my skin did not look this good!  I no longer see large pores or age spots that were once prominent.  My skin appears firmer and softer to the touch.  Finally, no more acne or black heads.  I never imagined these results could happen and in such a short time without surgery.  Lin continues to share her knowledge with me as she discovers the latest techniques and products. Her enthusiasm and energy are contagious.  I feel grateful to have Lin in my life and cannot thank her enough for bringing out the best beauty in me.


Lin is a magician when it comes to working with skin.  For years I had two large brown spots on my left cheek, and never thought about taking care of them  until I met Lin. After a thorough consultation and consistent treatments, THEY ARE GONE! My skin looks amazing. My pore size is smaller, skin looks smoother, it glows, and feels so soft. Lin not only works on my skin, but educates me along the way in order for me to have the greatest success. She monitors my skin every step of the way then  designs a plan and a skin care regimen that works best for my skin. As my skin gets healthier, she makes changes so I can  get the best results.  I have complete trust in her and products she chooses for me to use.


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